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Chloë Aldam

Simplicity Parenting Coach

mBIT Coach & Trainer

Bowen Therapist

Simplicity Parenting

Increasing Connection, Compassion and Cooperation within our increasingly stressful family life.

mBIT Coach: helping overwhelmed parents transform their connection with themselves & their children.

mBIT Trainer: delivering mBIT Coach courses

Bowen & Neural Touch Therapies

Simple effective treatment focussing on increasing your health & wellbeing.


"You are the Architect of your Family Life"

Kim John Payne, author of Simplicity Parenting



Both in You and your Family


Both in yourself and for others


Inspiring you to be how you want to be

As a Parenting Coach, I offer workshops around Simplicity Parenting, Behavioural Guidance (Toddlers to Teens) incorporating mBIT coaching (also available as 1:1 sessions).


I am passionate about helping parents and carers create more peaceful flow within their family lives.

I love it when I get feedback from those I have helped, expressing how their lives have changed for the better.


The world is getting exponentially faster as each year passes.

Right now, we need to pause.

To slow this acceleration down.

  • Steve Biddulph: "We’re raising a generation of neurologically damaged kids"

  • When children are overwhelmed:- they either push back, or fall back. 

  • Angry outbursts or silence & withdrawal.

  • Getting out the house can become a nightmare, brushing teeth, going to bed, having meals, sibling rivalry, doing anything as a family... you get the picture (and you probably have your own picture playing around in your mind!).

  • Kim John Payne:  "The Terrible Too's - Children are being overwhelmed by too much, too soon, too young, too fast, too sexy"

Have you lost your original parenting hopes and dreams in this ever increasingly complex spiral of life? Frustrations, tiredness, overwhelm...

Or maybe you can see this coming towards you and wish to avoid it.

There's another path.


A Simpler Journey.


Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed out by your family life, frustrated & anxious, emotional, feeling stuck?

You can make that choice to change.

Finding balance, creating a better working flow, calming the emotional layers within your family.

  • Simpler Lives

  • Calmer

  • More Compassionate

  • Greater connection

When your child reacts, you know exactly how to feel your way through, finding the best way to be in yourself, and helping them to find their balance.

I work with those who are dreaming of a calmer happier family life, seeking to become a more confident parent with greater compassion for yourself & others… away from the overwhelm or frustration of the past.

"Practice & Practice and then Do! Chloë is hugely encouraging, responsive and positive. Encouraging a beautiful picture to see when painting one's "Home" experience for all - SO IMPORTANT"

Simplicity Parenting Course

"This is one of, if not the most important jobs of our lives! And CPD in this seems an obvious choice!
Chloë is an inspiring hugely informed and dedicated teacher, her sessions are both fun & practical. They provoke mindful thought & questions, & curious inquiry that we as parents can nurture to be the very best we can."

Toddlers to Teens:
Soul of Discipline Course

"Oh Wow, this is not what I expected. One treatment and my back ache has literally gone overnight"
"What a lovely calming presence you have, always a smile, and your hands always find those muscles that need soothing"
"After 3 treaments, I was surprised to find my hayfever was minimal this year even with a high pollen count. Amazing."
"Those monthly migraines I had seem to be a thing of the past now - I'm so relieved"
"I hadn't realised that my words and self-talk were having such an effect on my body"
"I'm standing taller, breathing better - I feel sooo much better"

Bowen Clients

I grew up in a safe & secure happy family environment, able to play & explore every day outside in Nature.

It was only when I became a parent, surround by other parents, that I found out that this was an unusual experience.

One that led me on my journey towards becoming a Parenting Coach.

With a difference!


Simplicity Parenting Groups

Simplicity Parenting Family Life

How to Simplify your Family Life

The Five Pillars:

Environment, rhythm, schedule, screens/media & family values

Powerful change work to make this happen & keep it in your life!

Guiding your Children
3 Groups for 3 Growing Ages


Providing clear boundaries and leadership for 3 Age Groups

(toddler to 9, tweens & teens)

Creating loving connection with your child(ren) at all ages, developing good transitions and rhythms for healthy boundaries.

mBIT Coaching 1:1


multiple Brain Integration Technique (mBIT) Coaching allows deep change work to occur on our journey to be a compassionate parent.
Aligning our heads, hearts & gut to be compassionate to our needs and those of our child, so that our families are calmer & more connected.

Emotional Self Regulation

BAYB logo.png

When children are at their most difficult & challenging situations happen, they need us to be at our best (or close to it!)
How can we  learn to react in a way that reflects our values & expectations? This compassionate approach lifts us out of our old unwanted patterns to allows us to become the parent you want to be.


“A person who is 'Fully Human' stands out from the crowd. Such individuals seem to function on a more integrated level. Head, Heart & Spirit are going in the same direction”

Steve Biddulph in his book 'Fully Human: A new way of using your mind'

Chloë says "When you are a creative, compassionate and courageous parent, feeling how connected you are with your child, seeing how they play, hearing the joy in their voice,
imagine the ease & clarity of your family life..."


"I have never met a genuinely disobedient child or teen.

What I have encountered are myriad disoriented kids."

Kim John Payne,  'Soul of Discipline'

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There will be a reason you clicked on to my page and have read this far!

Trust your gut feel.

Trust your senses, they are there to keep you safe and to help you thrive!

Throw your hat over that fence & come & join me.




Being a Parent in the 21st Century!

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