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My Skills

Cherish yourself & your Family

Simplicity Parenting

Increasing Connection, Compassion and Cooperation within our increasingly stressful family life.

Bowen & Neural Touch Therapies

Simple effective treatment focussing on increasing your health & wellbeing.


Simplicity Parenting

Increase your compassion - your connection - your creativity - in you and your family.

Workshops & Coaching:

Simplicity Parenting - Using the Power of Less to Raise Happier Secure Children

Age-Appropriate Discipline:- creating family connection from toddlers to teens.

Being at your Best: Emotional Self-Regulation - How to be at your Best when your child is... not!

My introduction to Simplicity Parenting began following the birth of our first child, when I read “You are your Child’s First Teacher”. This led to a questioning of how we would raise our children and to a focus on Steiner-Waldorf education.  After a kindergarten teacher encouraged parents to read Kim’s book “Simplicity Parenting”, I became a ‘Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach’ and one of the UK’s first ‘Discipline & Guidance: 'Toddlers to Teens' Coaches’.

Alongside the Simplicity Parenting Coaching, my training as an NLP Master Practitioner brings many life skills and associated therapeutic somatic re-patterning into my workshops. These fun gatherings inspire participants to make simple, small doable changes, creating sustainable and happier family lives.

One of my greatest influences in how to parent, has come from my Icelandic horses, willing to test every resolution and boundary possible. A great preparation for parenthood!

In all sessions, I aim to increase your compassion - your connection - your creativity - for you and your family.

Be awesome. Be amazing. Be you.

Workshops & Courses

My workshops tend to be 4 weekly mornings lasting 2.5-3 hours each.

Introduction to Simplicity Parenting:

"Explore the 4 pillars of Simplicity Parenting" - simplifying the home (Environment, Rhythm, Schedules & Digital Devices)

Introducing Age-Appropriate Discipline:

"Exploring the Soul of Discipline" - how to be a Governor, a Gardener & a Guide - creating family connection from toddlers to teens to adults.

"Being at your Best: Emotional Self-Regulation - Cultivating Compassion"

Compassion within yourself as well as with others - How to be your best when your child is... not!


1:1 Coaching in how to become an Awesome Parent - find out how your past may help or hinder how you are parenting - strengthening your parenting resolve - how to increase your compassionate self - finding more joy and purpose in your family life.

Baby Holding Parent

Bowen & Neural Touch Therapies

The Bowen Technique is a well-established and effective hands-on therapy. The subtle skin moves increase local blood and lymph circulation, encouraging and stimulating the body to change.

Neural Touch Therapy was developed by Gene Dobkin and has developed from its roots in the Bowen Technique in the USA. Some call it "Advanced Bowen" - I would say it is a logical extension and creates an enhanced way of working with the body and the mind together.

What to expect during a treatment

A treatment is usually given on a therapy table, using pillows or cushions to keep the client comfortable. Alternatively, a single bed or chair can be used. Over the years, I have given Bowen treatments in many other places, including stables, in fields, in a park, in hospital - it is a very flexible therapy.

At the beginning, the therapist will take a brief medical history. In general, a treatment will last approximately one hour.

The body is treated holistically, addressing the needs of the whole person and not just specific conditions.

As there is little in the form of manipulation, Bowen can be a useful therapy for the very ill or frail as well as those who have recent injuries.

Clients' experiences vary greatly. Some feel warmth as though hands are still on their back, some fall asleep and others feel a deep sense of relaxation. Some take a day or so before benefits are felt, others know there is a change as soon as their feet touch the ground.

Where did it originate?
The Bowen Technique was pioneered in Australia by Tom Bowen (1916-1982). He was a gifted therapist who frequently achieved success within one or two treatments for many common conditions.
Although relatively few people trained with him, several schools have been set up in Australia, Europe and America to help spread the methods that he used so successfully with so many people.

"The Body Keeps the Score" - I became aware early in my Bowen training that sometimes there is more going on than a simple 'hurt muscle'. The pain or discomfort can be linked to an 'event' or 'trauma'. Once we become empowered to change, the effect can be transformative.

Our minds and bodies are linked - so our use of verbal language affects our body (somatic) language.

NLP - Neurolinguistic Programming

Throughout our lives we create 'Our Story'. The way we use our language - in our words and how we move - have a part to play in our lives. Sometimes, our language does not serve us in a helpful way. Using NLP Coaching, we can learn ourselves at a deeper, truer level and can become congruent throughout our body and mind.

Can the Bowen Technique Help Me?

Bowen can always be performed on any person, no matter what condition or problem they have, whether acute or slight, whether they are elderly or infant.

Conditions which may respond well include:

  •     Back and neck pain

  •     Jaw problems or clicking

  •     Muscular-skeletal disorders

  •     Frozen shoulder, painful joints

  •     Sports or work related injuries, RSI

  •     Asthma, bronchial complaints, hayfever

  •     Problems during and after pregnancy

  •     Menstrual issues

  •     Stress, tension, migraine

  •     Digestive problems, IBS

  •     ME, chronic fatigue

  •     Neuralgia

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Bowen not only helps the body, it includes the mind and emotions too - a truly whole-istic therapy.

For some, the effects may be quick - releasing muscle spasm and relieving pain. In the long term, effects can be subtle, as Bowen therapy addresses the nervous and muscular systems, stimulating the lymphatics and increasing circulation and thus helping to bring the body into better balance and harmony.

Osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists are among the many professional practitioners who use Bowen therapy.

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