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About me

Body & Mind Integration

I help overwhelmed parents transform the connection with yourself & your child(ren) so that you can raise your family with compassion and authenticity.

A few years after becoming a parent, curiosity led me to complete an online home study course with Kim John Payne about Simplicity Parenting. This sparked a deep interest in this worldwide movement.

I started my training with the Simplicity Parenting Institute in 2016 and have completed 4 qualifications with them in the following 5 years. I attend regular Mentor calls with the Institute as part of my ongoing CPD.

In 2021, I qualified as an mBIT Master Coach, certified by mBIT International.

  • mBIT: mulitple Brain Integration Technique

This coach training is intensive and in-person - delving into deep neural & somatic patterning within our Beings (or is it Becomings?), allowing us to connect & align within ourselves, our head, heart & gut brains working together.

This summer (July 2022) I qualified as an mBIT Coach Trainer - so that I can teach others to use this amazing modality.


My scientific background (BSc Genetics & MRes in Ecology & Environmental Management) & working on several European Framework projects for 6 years, combined with my hobby background in horses (I have 2 Icelandics) have led towards an amazing skill set and range of abilities.

Watching how my first horse reacted and recovered after a series of Bowen treatments inspired me to change my career as a Conservation Genetics Research Scientist.

I became self-employed in 2003 as a Bowen Therapist then qualified as an Equine Bowen Therapist a year later.

I continue to offer a handful of Bowen treatments weekly, with COVID measures in place, to parents & others who wish to feel replenished, re-energised, helping the body to heal both acute or chronic conditions.

“What you seek is seeking you”



Bowen Therapy

This gentle bodywork therapy has been beneficial to every person I have treated. Whether they wished to feel pampered &  relaxed, or to create space for healing to happen within the body for sports injuries & other complex health issues such as fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue.

I helped set up one of the first Bowen Children's Clinics, treating children with autism, motor development delay, asthma and other chronic conditions which benefited from a longer term approach.

Before our family of 3 children arrived, I ran a thriving Equine Bowen Therapy practice which covered Cambridgeshire, Suffolk & Bedfordshire, even treating horses up to 2 weeks before the birth of our first child.

For over 15 years I have helped women, men, children, babies, horses & foals by:

  • Helping to increase wellness - physically & emotionally.

  • Helping to aid a horse & rider's bond - for pleasure or competition riding.

  • Helping to simplify and create more connection within families.


Our Family Life

The way I was nurtured when I was young, was steeped in Nature. Spending much of my time outdoors, I connected deeply with the environment around us in the North Downs (even though it was only 45 mins by train to central London). Through all its seasons and changes.

Since our first child was born, we have done our best to raise our three children with respect for the nature around us, initially in Cambridge and now in Bristol. We are a few minutes walk away from a stream which leads to the river flowing through Bristol - with an abundance of wildlife (kingfishers, cormorants, gulls, swans, and potentially the elusive otters).


Why Parent Coaching?

The Parenting journey is HARD!

At the beginning of my parenting journey, I had compliments about "How easy" it seemed for me (actually, no, not necessarily!), "How do you stay so calm?" (actually, not all the time!).

I realised many parents felt that there was a deep rooted lack of connection that led to overwhelm, to frustration, to anxiety, to tears, to... (insert long list here!)

They didn't have confidence.

They didn't have calm.

They didn't have compassion.

They didn't have support.

They did have a history.

The history of how they were parented.

Ancestral parenting.

They didn't know how to escape it.

The inner resources were not (yet) there.

After giving my first Simplicity Parenting Course, those same people, were celebrating discovering a new way.

That it could be simpler.

That our pathway can be different.

That our Voice can be heard, seen, and listened to.

We can have Support.


One of the most valuable resources - a safe & secure place where we can trust each other.

Bringing our hearts (full of our emotions), filling our heads with thoughts (of creativity) and aligning them all with our guts (courageous parenting, trusting our instincts and creating healthy boundaries).

If you don't know how to do something, how do you learn a new skill?

Congratulations, you are one rung up the ladder - you have now become consciously incompetent!

(First of all - you were unconsciously incompetent!).

You can slowly work it out (do you have the time or the resources?).

- OR -

You can tap into the experience & knowledge of someone else.

Which is where I come in.

My Services

Simplicity in your Family Life

From Overwhelm to Calm

Toddlers to 9, Tween & Teens

How to be a "Governor, Gardener & Guide" - parenting from toddlers to adulthood

mBIT Coaching 1:1

Transforming your Quirks to Gifts, creating connection & compassion


Previous Events & Collaborators

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