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Simplicity Parenting - the Tween Years

Tweens - the Simplicity Parenting Way

What a roller coaster this starts to be!

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Tweens - the Simplicity Parenting Way
Tweens - the Simplicity Parenting Way

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Simplicity Parenting - the Tween Years

About the event

The Simplicity Parenting approach to  'discipline' is based on understanding a child’s needs and developmental  stages, and seeks to provide guidance through coming together and strengthening a family's values rather than through conflict and punishment.

This course focuses on the needs, understandings and behaviours in the Tween years.

-growing the boundaries, how this age sends out signals & their orientation

-values & discipline

-understanding the tween ages 10-11 & 12-13 "Huck & Pippi Years"

-polarities & false marketing

-mars & venus: boy-girl developmental differences

-the Parent Gardener Role: tools & skillset for good decisions

 About The Soul of Discipline

In this groundbreaking material, parenting expert and acclaimed author of the bestselling book Simplicity Parenting, Kim  John Payne, M.Ed., flips the script on children’s challenging or  defiant behavior and lays out an elegantly simple plan to support  parents in establishing loving, age-sensitive boundaries that help children feel safe and settled.

Payne gives parents heartwarming help and encouragement by  combining astute observations with sensitive and often funny stories  from his long career as a parent educator and a school and family  counselor.

Practical and rooted in common sense, The Soul of Discipline gives parents permission to be warm and nurturing but also calm and firm (not overreactive). It gives clear, doable strategies to get things back on track for parents who sense that their children’s behavior has fallen into a troubling pattern.

Best of all, it provides healthy direction to the entire family so parents can spend less time and energy on outmoded, punitive discipline and more on connecting with and enjoying their kids.

 And Parent Groups are the best way to bring the material to life in your family.

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